Dear World,

I write this to you under the most dire of circumstances.  I have lost my way, and found that the path I am taking, is only that of the most destructive and deleterious manner. Dear world, I am ashamed.  I have treated you with such disrespect…. mocking your dignitaries, shaming your cultures, and selfishly only thinking of personal gain.  Dear world,… how far I have fallen.

I say one thing one day, and only prove to do the opposite, the next.  I openly condemn those who were once my allies, only to shake hands and preach friendship to those who have proven to be my enemy and contestant; who openly interfere with my daily ongoings and bully me into the submissions to profit at my expense; to attempt to control my day to day ongoings and manipulate my alliance to their own personal cause.

Dear world, that is not who I am.  I have fallen; I am lost. But I beg and plead with you to help me be who I once was. To not forsake me and the children that call me home.  I beg you to help guide me back on track; to get back to the basic foundations my noble forefathers put in place for my survival amongst great nations of people from all different races, backgrounds, religions and cultures.  Dear world, it may be hard to tell from recent ongoings, but my children are good… but they are divided right now.  They are divided like never before, arguing and angrily waiving their banners of blue and red; forgetting that once upon a time, they worked together to become THE independent symbol and of unity and strength.  That once, they worked together to fight for a cause they so strongly believed in, to achieve liberty and unity, free from ANY tyranny from ANY foreign power.  To become united under one banner, not two.

“United”. I shake my head vigorously at what I once thought that word meant.  United.  It quite literally means: “joined together politically, for a common purpose, or by common feelings”. A COMMON PURPOSE. My forefathers set into motion that “ALL men were created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.- That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers FROM THE CONSENT of the governed, – That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it…”

I beg you, dear world. I am not at my best right now.

Canada, my shared border sister: I impose tariffs on you that are no where close to fair. I do this at the cost of our friendship. You have been a close ally and friend for many generations of Canadians and Americans. I shame myself. I shame the relationship we have formed. I am so pathetically embarrassed for the hardships that this has caused our countries.  It is a mistake the should never be forgiven, but hopefully, one we can mend in time.

China- our strongest foreign trade ally: I have fallen into the hands of one who knows “not what they do”, but one who thinks they know what they do. I am disgusted with myself at the way we have treated you, in the power struggle over imports and exports. I am embarrassed in my conduct, and fully accept the consequences of my frivolous actions. Please, please forgive me.

Mexico- my conduct these past months, is inexcusable. I have treated you as an unwelcome neighbor who only harbors criminals and gangsters.  I should be strengthening our friendship, but instead threaten you with a permanent symbol of my resolve to discard our friendship- a wall.  But Mexico, this phase of hatred will not endure.  I have treated you with such disrespect and have conducted myself in an manner not fit for anyone.  I beg you to forgive me and be patient, until one day I have a leader that you will find worthy to call “friend”, again.

France- what else is there to say other then I am fully embarrassed by my leaders conduct? You have always been a true, and loyal friend, and lately, it is appalling that I can not return the favor, or give your country the grace it is so aptly due. You extend your hand time and time again, and I smack it away like a stubborn child. That conduct is inexcusable, and I profusely apologize.

United Kingdom- We have had a very rocky relationship in both of our histories. We have fought each other, we have befriended each other, we have strengthened one another and over the years, we have built an alliance that has bettered the world we live in for all of our brother and sister countries…but now, my truest and oldest friend, I have disgraced that friendship.  I insult your dignitaries and their hard work to keep me honest and true.  I have turned my back on you, as you only try to reach out your guiding hand to bring me back to a fellowship of nations I never should have left.  Please, dear friend, do not leave my side.  My struggles do not define who I am, and it is not forever.

To those of you who have not “once upon a time” found yourself in my favor, I am waking up.  I have been awoken to the claims of denuclearization and friendships that have been falsely proclaimed for personal gain. You poison and murder witnesses to shut them up,…you continue on a destructive path of threats and lonesome gossip to get you what you want…. let me remind you….I am THE nation of nations.  I am not to be fucked with.  I am the nation that set the precedent to all other nations that followed after me. I do not forget the hatred and lies spread about me or that of the people I harbor. I do not forget the hate and anger sparked in my country at your hands. And I do not forget. I do not forget you North Korea or Russia. I will bury you in defeat. My people say I have forgotten them, but I have found my voice again. I have found the principles my creators have laid out for me…and I will not yield. As one of my children so recently, and so accurately put it, “America does not need to be made great again, because America has always been great”.

I may be suffering and struggling right now, but that struggle will only be temporary. Have faith in me dear world, and I will rise again.

Kindness and most sincere regards,

The United States of America

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