Rose Cardigan

After many tears, profanities, and frustrations, I am down to the cuff ribbing on my Rose Cardigan…..*Deep breathe in*…..Here we go….

Now, some of you happened to catch my Live Instagram Video about my progress on my Rose Cardigan by Andrea Mowry. For those of you who didn’t, and would like to know the content of said video, I shall elaborate:


  1. I very rarely find that I must get on social media and share my opinion about a specific pattern, or what I experienced during my knitting that pattern, but this is a pattern that has been getting a lot of “behind closed doors” chatter, and I felt that since my Company was hosting a KAL for the cardigan, maybe it would be a good thing to open a dialogue for the knitters participating. A lot of knitters have been hesitant to Cast On this pattern because it looks scary.  It’s really not, but there is no room for pattern interpretation or alteration by the one knitting it.  You must follow the pattern as it’s written, or you may have the experience that I am about to describe.
  2. I. Am. Frustrated. Plain and simple. I am a pretty seasoned knitter, and have knit many top down sweaters, pieced and seamed sweaters, and bottom up….heck, last Fall I even undertook the scary task of steeking a sweater…..and you know what (*places hands firmly on hips*) even that project didn’t create as many curse words as this flipping sweater!
  3. I had no problem up to the collar section.  I don’t scare easily when it comes to construction techniques.  I actually invite challenging knitting most times. I wouldn’t say this pattern is scary at all, and for most, this is a pretty basic knit. But when I read the collar construction (I would like to insert the actual wording here, but I am sure that would be breaking several copy write laws which has a tendency to be frowned upon), it made no sense.  The instructions tell you to begin seaming the one collar section to the body of the garment and then the other side of the collar, and meet them in the middle and unravel any extra, and then seam the two halves together……my thought was, why didn’t she just write it as an applied collar boarder to save knitters from having to unravel their work?
  4. In my Instagram video, I went on to compare designers, whose patterns I have knit in the past, that have used this applied collar boarder technique, that I have found to be absolutely brilliant!  One of them being Michelle Wang. Michelle is famous for her heavily cabled patterns as well as her extremely clear and accurate writing style for intense and complicated designs…you can trust me when I say, the woman has mad pattern skills! I’ve knit a few.
  5. I also described my frustration with the fact that I ended up with full cakes of untouched, left over yarn.  I do not even know how that is possible given that I went exactly by the pattern requirements when it came to the yardage needed for each color.
  6. Last but not least, I take full responsibility for not following the directions 100% to the letter when I reached the collar seaming.  Had I followed the directions and unraveled from the top instead of the bottom, I may have saved myself a few expletives. But, the collar is on,….after 7 hours, and I’m on the cuff ribbing.

I would like to take a moment and state that I think Andrea can design some beautiful garments. I also think that had I not invested so much time up to this point, in the knitting of this pattern given the frustration I created for myself, I wouldn’t have continued and went on to knit something else….but I’m stubborn and I REALLY WANTED THIS IN MY WARDROBE!  Do I regret knitting this? No.  Would I knit it again, but follow the directions to a T? Maybe and definitely!

I also feel that it is important for knitters to begin speaking up about any experiences that they may have while knitting any pattern. It is not cruel or harsh to be honest about your experiences….IT’S HEALTHY, and may be helpful to people considering knitting the pattern you are working on.  Criticism and honesty is a good thing, and doesn’t mean it is coming from a bad place.

Please feel free to head over to our Ravelry page, join the group and our discussion on this pattern and a bunch of other topics.

This is me

If I want something done right, I’ll start a blog

So, for a few months now, I have been thinking about starting a blog…not just any blog, but an everything blog.  Something that I can share my job, my life, my loves and my passions, on.  It took several nudges and a bunch of slaps in the face from a few fellow crafters, family members, and co workers, before I threw in the towel and proclaimed: “alright already! I’ll just do it!” So, here we are, and this is my blog.

Should I start with the typical opener, “Hi, my name is Kelsey.  I am the owner of Primrose Yarn Co….etc?”, that sounds like an introductory sentence one would say at an AA meeting?  Hell no!  You guys came here to read interesting things right?!

I will warn you, I have no filter; and why the heck should I?  This is my blog, and damnit, this is me.

I will give you all a little back story though.  I started my hand dyed yarn company in 2014.  I called it Primrose because I had previously had a Pottery company called ‘Primrose Pottery’.  I wanted my business to sound classy and sophisticated, but something stylish as well.  No, it has nothing to do with the fact that I live in a town that is considered one of the Roses (York, PA & Lancaster PA).  When I started relying on my Fibers and Materials Studies degree I earned at Tyler School of Art, Temple University, I began dying yarn, and I changed the name to Primrose Yarn Company (or Co. for short).

Since that time, I have developed many passions, some of which being: Travel, Food, and all things Crafty.  On Thursdays, my husband and I enjoy checking out new restaurants or ones we have yet to visit, in York and Lancaster PA, so (at least until school starts for my daughter in the fall), I can almost guarantee a blog post on Friday mornings, either raving or damning the restaurant we had visited the night before.  *You’re welcome in advance to anyone in the Lancaster, York PA area*

And who knows….I may just tend to throw a bog post in about knitting, dying yarn, or crafting, because its not like that’s not my entire life or anything. *wink wink*

Until next time kids!